Trust me, you get this

Socially, or at an official meeting, we have all had this moment! NO idea what is being spoken of!! hahaha

Sometimes I pretend to understand, and carry on hurriedly to the next subject– while I secretly Google the topic. Sometimes, depending on how comfortable I am with the company, I ask for my ignorance to be pardoned, and go ahead and ask– what are you talking about?!?!?!

Be it a current event, politics, geography (I’m especially bad at geography), or even some words— there I said it! Just because it is my profession, doesn’t mean I know every word in the dictionary!! Tell me you didn’t check out the meaning of “bukakke’ (and barf) when you played ‘Cards against humanity?’…GASSSSP!!! Tell me you have played that game!! Oh, don’t look at this post with that expression, go Google ‘cards against humanity!’