The list is back: Pet Peeves

Aaah, one of the most satisfying indulgences of hoomans: To have something you just can’t stand! Hahahaa

Since I don’t want to be a grouchy complainer, I’ll only list three pet peeves. It is a bare (and fair) minimum. Do you identify with any of these?

1. People ignoring queues

India is the prime breeding ground for this behaviour. Airports, train stations, metros- any transportation platform, grocery stores, ticket counters, food courts, even cutting off in traffic, and then some. I just don’t get it—are the rest of us idiots to get in line and patiently wait for our turn, that you think it is alright to walk past and head straight for a counter? Some people smile sheepishly, mutter something incoherent, and go through, while others just go by straight faced, plain and simple.

Seriously, do not understand this, and can’t stand it. A usual response? Straight faced, “excuse me, there is a line here.”

2. Rude addresser

Oh, this is that perfect chic magazine claim- On a date, see how he talks to the waiter, it will tell you a lot about him.

Ummm, thanks for the research, you guys! Phew!!

Seriously, no manners= douche. Obvious assumption, no? Who taught you to talk down to people? What do you think you are achieving? Respect? Pfft. Date or friends or family, please take the liberty to correct in a polite manner. As Ellen says, ”be kind to one another.”

3. Chomping

Open mouth, big smacking sounds, chomp chop chomp smack chomp chop.

Enjoy your food, by all means, but for the love of not driving people bat shit crazy, close your mouth. Please don’t eat like a dog. I love dogs and every little thing about them, including this. But on you, hooman, Ms Lady/ Mr Man, it ugh-lee!

Am I crazy or are these universal irritants? Or do you think I need to work on my acceptance and tolerance levels? If I cannot address them, I deal with this issues by rolling my eyes. Straight faced, mind you.