It’s just TOO HOT for “warm regards!”

I’ve lived in Delhi ALL my life. Born & raised. Three years ago, I moved to Goa. But, I live between the two cities. Alternate months. It’s a good life. I got back to Delhi a week ago, and for the first time in my life, I just am not being able to cope with the heat.

I don’t feel like working, I don’t want to step out, even though I have, in this scorching heat, every single day for something or the other! I want to sleep, and just shut down. I’m tired without doing anything, I’ve got a headache almost every evening. And, I’m wondering, what is it this summer, that I am just…blah?

I’ve always joked that this time of the year is like standing in front of an oven and opening the door. But, I’m not feeling very funny nowadays. I’m scowling, and growling, and biting heads off, and just being irritable.

Is it just me? Is it the hottest summer yet? Not just in recorded temperatures, but in actually feeling like one is sitting in a tandoor? We need respite! I’m not even going to talk about the people and animals on the streets, I know I am blessed. I’m just finding this summer to be more horrendous than ever before.

So while signing off on emails, I cringe typing, “Warm regards,” I wanna say “Have a lemonade” or “Ice water wishes” or “Coolest best” cause its just too damn hot for “warm wishes!”