Shut up, I’m not crying, you are!

It’s was a day like no other, the world united with a “phew!”


It’s was a collective sigh of relief for the world to have Donald Trump out of the most powerful position on the planet. Whether we like it not, #itaffectseveryone

I’m the last person to follow politics, and this isn’t even my #politics. Then why was I so overwhelmed with the #BidenHarris win? A first in many ways for them, but why am I sitting squealing with joy? India has many issues, I don’t get affected by those this easily. We have had women in power before, so it’s not history here. Then, why?
It’s cause we all needed GOOD TO WIN. It wasn’t about who is going to be better alley for India or the strategy or politics. It was to have a person, not some alien coloured narcissist, be the example of what leadership looks like. To be presidential is an honour, and a privilege, not everyone is made to handle.

This win was a day of joy to get back to things that matter in a larger sense. The climate, the environment, people in minority, they can finally breathe, and get back on track. And the people with integrity can, hopefully, bring light to those who are blinded by the orange tan. #Unite

Like I said before, I’m not politically inclined at all. I don’t have children to build a future for either, I’m not well-read or fully informed of the needs of the hour across the globe or even within my country…but every decision that sets a fire in a forest or has children go hungry or bring cruelty to animals makes a difference to me because it is my world. And, I just want to live and participate in a better place. Today’s history is proof of #hope for that #future.
Breathe, heal, be kind, smile, and let the sun shine.

2 thoughts on “Shut up, I’m not crying, you are!”

  1. I too felt this was gonna be a sign – the first of many things that needed to be reversed – followed by climate , forests , privacy , tech etc. let’s just make a start. It’s an omen

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