It’s not my place, yet it is

I’ll admit, I get my news from random updates that Google throws at me or newsfeeds or people talking. You won’t see me bent over a newspaper as a daily ritual. And while I tried in the early days, I just found it too depressing, so I stopped. So, you read, and fill me in, is the best option for me. I read, just not the news.

So when I say it’s not my place, I mean maybe I am not the most informed. When I say it is my place, it is because it saddens me. I don’t need to know the facts to know that humanity is at, what it seems, its lowest point. And we have seen the days of abominations of aristocracy and military, as well as survived, horrendously, two world wars.

And so irrespective of country, religion, race, and sex, there is a massive helplessness on the lack of empathy in the world. Lack of patience, lack of respect…just a SOLID LACK.

Terror, lives lost, innocent or not, celebrations becoming mourning. THIS is not the normal I want, not for me in the present day. I’m not even talking about the future generations, at this rate. I’m talking about us living in the now. The corruption, the poverty, the rape, the murder, the revenge, the terror—this has become a cliché movie script that we are living in loop.

STOP. Live a better life, focus on it. Lemonade out of lemons! And while this sounds like I simplified your very treacherous, unjustified life in a moment. Really, look at it. Taking another life for a tragic loss of life in your world will not change how you feel about your loss.

The human spirit is vast- get up, dust off, and move forward. Your children’s tomorrow, your families’ tomorrow, or even your afterlife or next life isn’t going to matter, if you are not the best version of yourself today. So yes, it isn’t my place, and yet, it is.