Joyful! Joyful! Joyful!

Woop! Woo-hoo!

Happy 2021, everyone!

Albeit, a bit late, I’m not sorry, really. A hiatus or recharge or down-time, whatever you prefer calling it, is a necessity. So, I took it. Not planned, it just happened.

Anyhoo, it’s mid- Jan, so I can still wish you, the year is relatively new, even though SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED ALREADY. I’m no news update, so not going into the details. 

However, I will say, I’m grateful. Massively grateful to pull through last year. I am grateful for all the people who came together to enable that, from family, to friends, to domestic help, caretakers, to the office staff, health workers, on- call doctors, to the hard- working labour- plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and everyone on the frontlines of making roads, fixing drains, gas- cylinder distribution, sweepers, garbage collectors, traffic police, airport ground staff, flight attendants, and anyone and everyone who stepped out of the security of their home to go to work. I’m grateful to all.  

With that, I wanted to bring you to my next contemplation. Up my HQ. Emotional quotient is essential, but to me, from my experience, the biggest contributor of that is the ‘happiness quotient.’ Now, it’s not being ignorant, it’s not to say life is not hard. It is about being watchful of what you are doing. Life is SOOOOO much better if you mind your own actions rather than watching others. 

My thought beginning of the year? No promises, no targets, no resolutions, basically, no set- ups. Life is happening, NOW. So, YOU BE YOU, Madhvi. Authentically. Be your best self. I don’t know about anyone else, my best self– she’s a gem 😉

It might be enough for some or not for others, but if I’m being enough for me, well, HOT DAMN, I’m good! 


Energy…when I’m happy, my energy is up, and I’m helpful, nicer, more empathetic, and definitely, more loving.

Humour…I’m capable of making myself and peeps around laugh. It’s important to me. We are sillier, jollier, by golly, we are more fun!

Productivity…when my mind is in a good place, my creativity soars—writing, ideating for clients, pitching, strategizing, and all else required by me at work is efficient and effortless. Free flowing ideas, pragmatic and attainable. 

Old picture, but a ‘yay!’ moment is always a ‘yay!’ moment 🙂

And so, this year Maddy, be joyful. That’s all. That’s my plan. Simple enough, but also takes work. I’m willing to put in that work. Consciously, when required. I look forward to it, tbh.

Oh hey…wanna hop on this band wagon?   

As always, breathe, heal, be kind, smile, and let the sun shine.