Outta Control!

In your 20s, life seems to be happening, then in your 30s life seems to be happening to you. But, to discover that you are making everything happen is a revelation that is, simultaneously, daunting and a relief.

So, it was always exactly what I wanted? 


What I wish for, I get?


And the hindi movie dialogue strikes,Kehte hain, agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, toh puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.”

Translation: They say, if you want something truly, from the heart, then the Universe puts everything in it to make it happen.

So, I have to believe in it truly, without a doubt, and I’ll make it happen? 


Good or bad?


Oh, for crying out loud!

Why didn’t you “reveal” this to me in my formative years?!?! What a bloody waste of time…no offense, experiences, I really value you, but…CRIKEY!

Now, this knowledge, if put into practice requires LOADS of internal rewiring. To believe and make things happen takes practice, A LOT of practice. It’s tougher than you’d expect. But, when you see the first of it come through, however small it is, it is utmost JOY. It’s like when the kids are trying spells at Hogwarts, and wave a wand for the first time, and a tiny bit of magic makes the tiniest of spells work—it’s that kind of a ‘WOOP!’ excitement.

So, practice, keep willing things, and see life bend in that direction. Beware the wrath of your own thoughts, wave them good bye. 

Think the good things, imagine the great things, and achieve the best of em!!

Good luck! 

Breathe, heal, be kind, smile, and let the sun shine.