Inspiration EVERYWHERE

binge watching for what now?

Of course there has been more than usual TV time this year. I’m not complaining about that, anyone who knows me, knows it’s my absolute favourite thing to do. But it’s more than just entertainment. 

When I like a show, it’s not just the story, the relationships, the frustrations of a plot twist, “Argh, don’t do it!!” or the giggle of an inside joke, but it’s also about the characters, the dialogue, and the subtle nuances that bring that character alive- make up, clothes, catch phrases, expressions, even the stride.

It fascinates me…and I absorb it all. When enthralled, I find myself 

– Thinking like that character– from Hank Moody to Carrie Bradshaw 

– Have some phrases making their way in my conversations or even my writing– Oh, that’s new! Umm…I know where it came from…(inside joke smile)

– Sometimes even copying the accent– Oh relax, it’s mostly the British accent

It’s all- consuming. And then I surprised, “wait, this is not true for everyone?”

So what is it? It’s inspiring to my creative side. That’s what it is.

I thought I was only ‘reading for writers,’ turns out, I’m watching as a writer too! 

I admire the writers of the shows I get caught up in. While the actors are brilliantly cast and perfect for the role, as they “own it,” the damn writing is the sexy element! As a story unravels, I find myself crushing on the writing whilst crushing on the character. Ya…nerd alert, and I love it. Being a creative sponge is just mind-blowingly beautiful. 

Until next time– breathe, heal, be kind, smile, and let the sun shine.