Month: March 2019

You’re beautiful

Just cause it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful. If they, whoever ‘they’ are, tell you you’ll love only once, and there will never be anything like it, they will only be partially right. We have an immense capacity to love, so at this mid- life age, I can tell you, you won’t …

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The crutch

It’s been four month’s since that crouching pose for a photograph had me in this position. A meniscus tear- such a small element of your body can bring life to a halt.  It is absolutely spit-in-your-face amazing! Fascinating, really… Everyone has been encouraging me to document what it’s been like- bed ridden with a walker, …

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Why New York?

A few years ago, I pulled of a short, but amazing stint in New York City. It was at the right age, I might add. I came back and wrote this…sharing it now. Why? Cause I just had to! Why New York?? Manhattan. There is nothing I can write that has not been written about …

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