Top fives: Would you do these before you hit 4-0?

My mind has been flying off in so many directions. And now, I can’t wait to get your top five flying in all these arbitrary categories. Are you ready?

I’m turning 40 this year, so I’m sorry if my list is far from your reality or is a milestone you whooshed by already. But, I thought, what would you do or have you done already? The lists of travel ‘10 exotic places before you hit 40’ are a little unrealistic for my liking.

I believe in the philosophy of nanhi nanhi khushian, literally translating to, tiny joys. I feel we can find happiness by living a string of nanhi nanhi khushian, amounting to a fulfilling, satisfying, damn-near-perfect life! So I’m asking about the small joys…

Top 5: Would you do these before you hit 4-0?

1. Pet an Iguana? (You’ve done it already, haven’t you? EEEE!!)

2. Either skydive or go bungee jumping? (You’ve done one already, haven’t you? Fine! You, adventure chaser, you!)

3. Go for 3 movies back-to back?(Oh, I gave you a challenge, didn’t I?)

4. Take a road trip without planning? (Spontaneous get- away! Waaaay!)

5. Enter an eating contest?(Hotdogs or pies or idlis! Adapt to your surrounding) 

Hope this listicle tickles your…heehee…senses!! I was thinking senses! Hahah nanhi nanhi khushian!