The next two weeks, I’m gonna make it short & simple.

A friend suggested, while discussing writing and getting recognised for it– “try listicles, you know, like top places to eat/ visit etc.”

Obviously, I looked at him funny with a, “oh, you meant the thing ERRRRRRYONE is doing as ‘online creative writing?!’ How original!”

But here I am. Hee hee…joinin’ in the fun!

So it isn’t creative to just give you my opinion on top five cities or foods or stays or life goals…why would you listen to me about that anyway? There are many experts (ahem!) out there for that stuff.

So allow me to add my twist to it.

You dig?

Here goes…starting with personal experience. A first date! I can claim giant authority on this. So here are 5 questions that’ll give you a chance to swap great stories, and avoid awkward silences.

Top 5: Questions to ask on a first date

  1. Name 3 people from history, the arts, or entertainment that you would like to grab a drink with?
  2. Best adventure yet?
  3. What is the funniest thought you had today?
  4.  Are you a chef or a connoisseur? (I mean, my sister cooked for joy, and I tried it for joy, I was the official taster, so that question seems valid.)
  5. If you could have one super power for a day, what would it be? Who would you do? 😉

Trust me, these are great ways to check if you connect with each other at multiple levels. And if you are married, well, play this Q&A again for fun!