Top 5: Quirks (mine, wanna share yours?)

I feel that for you to like my writing better, you need to get to know my writing process better. Come on, as if I’m not on your “darling” list already thanks to these blogs hahaha but let me nudge the ones on the fence 😉

Ok, so…honest, blatant…here are my top 5 writing quirks…you know this is every creative person’s nightmare right? Revealing layers. You know that, right??

Anyhoo, here goes nuthin’!

My top 5 writing quirks:

  1. I, sometimes read what I wrote out loud…in an accent or a character’s style. This is hugely influenced by a show or movie I have watched in the recent past. Last document was read out as a great, all time influence in my life— Henry Higgins from ‘My Fair Lady.’
  •  When I edit a document, I can’t have music or the TV on in the background. I need total silence. So if I say I’m gonna work at a café, I ain’t editing your work, babe! Also, if you ask me if it is okay to turn on the TV while I’m working, I’ll politely say, ‘ya sure,’ but you know…NOW you know!
  • I discovered that PROCRASTINATION is really a thing. Hey, it is part of the process, ok! It’s real!!
  • Once I’ve written something, once it is done, It. Is. Done. It’s out of my mind. I forget it! This isn’t personal; I’ve been like this since forever. When I wrote an exam, by the time I came out of the exam room, I had forgotten the entire course work.
  •  If I am reading or watching something, and a word comes up that I don’t know, I (indubitably) Google it. Immediately. Nerd alert!! I take a screenshot, and try creating a sentence to use it ASAP.

Hey, you gotta know it all to find me to be the “darling” you have come to appreciate! 😉

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