Why New York?

A few years ago, I pulled of a short, but amazing stint in New York City. It was at the right age, I might add. I came back and wrote this…sharing it now. Why? Cause I just had to!

Why New York?? Manhattan. There is nothing I can write that has not been written about “the city” already. But I experienced all those things said, I was serenaded by the city, and I fell hard. Even now, hundreds of thousands of miles away from that little island, I sometimes feel the pulse. Pure adrenaline.

Anything is possible

New York has an amazing euphoric energy. There is something in the air. You breathe in, blend in, and are instantly at home. (Or you are hurled out like an allergic reaction. I, fortunately, was embraced)

It welcomes you like an old friend. It makes you feel like you can be anyone. It makes you want to be beautiful. It makes you want to have a purpose. Basically, New York City makes you desire to be the best you can, and the “can” is pushed beyond hesitations and self- inflicted restrictions. 

The city blurs limitations. There is no boundary to success, and there is someone to compete with and keeping you on your toes. Stressful? Yes. But liberating as hell. Manhattan keeps you alive.  

The Nucleus

It seems like the city is the core of the entire world. Great ideas, great people, great food…”great” everything seems to originate in New York City or aspires to find a spot here. People from around the world travel to various cities, fulfilling bucket lists– catch a concert, a play, an adventure, or a museum exhibit. But those very talents flood NYC as THE place on their respective bucket lists. It is a platform that spells, “you have arrived.”

They are not kidding when they sing, ”if you make it here; you can make it anywhere…” or something to that tune.

You don’t get lazy about living, on the contrary, you FEEL yourself living each day. A routine is a fine blend of work, some new and interesting form of exercise, or cuisine, maybe theatre or movie in the park or an interesting art installation, rooftop drinks with friends, and a maybe a subway ride along with a major artist, in town as a season’s appearance on Broadway or a walk past a musician, performer or business wizard hailing the famous NYC cab.


You see the original “New Yorkers,” maybe at a store on fifth and Madison, where the age does not reflect the proud image they carry as they stroll, nay stride, onto the street with purpose– heels, hair in place, and everything spelling “success.” In the spring, you see young couples on picnic blankets on the fresh grass of Central Park. In the winter, mirror images of the classic Tiffany Christmas campaigns come to life- the chic and confident.

Juxtaposed to that, it is the only place in the world where you can be okay being alone. If nothing else, just walking the city gives you enough to absorb—the fashion, the buildings, the people, the cafes, the history, and various unique characterizations of entire nations over a grid of blocks of the city. New York is ever evolving, and yet a classic tale.

The Ultimate Experience

I have heard that six years living in the city, you are done with it. But hey, if we had to live life through other’s experiences, it would be pretty…well, dull. Just like falling in love, YOU have to find out for yourself!!

And so, that is why New York.