The Ageless Generation Society

Sure, we are supposed to meet certain milestones at defined ages. But some of us didn’t. Now what? Speaking from personal experience, I can say, it’s a number and it’s in the mind. And I am glad that I am in an era where I get to have that opinion.

Acceptance of the ‘other-than-the-usual’ in professional and personal spaces has opened up the mind. It is not about being different vis-à-vis conventional milestones; it is about having a variety of choices at any age. We are the ageless generation society!

Today, you cannot tell a 25 year old that they don’t know any better. The Internet, technology, and interactions have given them the exposure that a 50 year old could not have dreamt of while listening to an EP of Bob Dylan talking about change. Information exposure has led to fast and drastic change and choices. Job profiles that didn’t exist even a decade ago are serious business brands today. (Enter the new age moguls: Zuckerberg, Tyler Oakley, Silicon Valley inventors, The Kardashians, Tomorrowland DJs, Lilly Singh, Liza Koshy, and in the Indian context, I love the journeys of Stand Up Comedians, Chefs, and businesses like, Food Talk India.)

The norms are changing, and age is just a number. We are in the era of convenience.

If I can take that Tuesday meeting- I am on a trek, will reschedule.

If I can’t conceive naturally- no sweat, I have options.

If I want a stay-at-home husband to pursue a career- hell yes. 

So today, nothing is impossible, and what’s better? It is a world of seamless prospects. So yes, we can go out there and get married at 40, have children at 50, while rebooting a career change.

It is a time for grabbing the opportunities when you want them! And that is simply liberating. 

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